Aspherical Lens Mold

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Specification Product Name Aspherical Lens Mold Product Number H224MJ Type Mold Manufacturing Using Helmet Lens Mold, Ophthalmic Lens Mold, Sunglasses Glasses Mold, Myopic Lens Mold, Presbyopic Lens Mold, Industrial Eyeglasses Mold, HUD Lens Mold, Eye Protection Lens Mold, Optical Lens Mold, TV Lens Mold, VR Lens Mold, LED Optical Lens Mold, Fresnel Lens molds, Laser Lens molds, Ski lens Molds, Swimming Lens Molds, Precision Injection Molding Optical Lens Molds, Transparent Mas...

  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 300000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • FOB Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: 50% deposit,balance by T/T before shipment
  • Product Detail

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    Product Name Aspherical Lens Mold
    Product Number H224MJ
    Type Mold Manufacturing
    Using Helmet Lens Mold, Ophthalmic Lens Mold, Sunglasses Glasses Mold, Myopic Lens Mold, Presbyopic Lens Mold, Industrial Eyeglasses Mold, HUD Lens Mold, Eye Protection Lens Mold, Optical Lens Mold, TV Lens Mold, VR Lens Mold, LED Optical Lens Mold, Fresnel Lens molds, Laser Lens molds, Ski lens Molds, Swimming Lens Molds, Precision Injection Molding Optical Lens Molds, Transparent Mask Molds, Goggle Molds, PC Lens Molds, PMMA Lens Molds, Hemispherical Lens Molds, Spherical Lens Molds, Aspherical Mirror Lens mold, Double Curved Lens Mold, Bent Lens Mold
    Color Mirror Finish
    Logo Design Customized
    Shape Design OEM/ODM
    Size OEM/ODM
    Packing Fumigation Wood Boxes
    Materials Die steel: S136, S136H, NAK80, P20, 718H, etc
    Production Technology Die design, Die parting, CNC, Wire-electrode cutting, Lathe, Milling, Grinding, Electric spark, Polishing, Assembly and Trial mold.
    Testing standard GB T 12554-1990,DME Standard,HASCO Standard

    Product Feature

    With our complete molding process equipment, precision grinding and polishing equipment and mold design & technical team, Zhantuo Optics own mold room can rapidly develop various optical lens molds and lens peripheral fitting molds with the injection molding department and undertake various injection molds. Production.

    Mold parameters:

    Steel: using high-quality mirror steel, Lung Kee, ASSAB S136 \ S136H \ NAK80 \ 45 # quenched \ 60 # quenched \ P20H \ 718H \ 2316 for your choice;


    Cooling system: optimized design of circulating water, increase production efficiency, reduce your costs;

    Mid-term treatment: conditioning, increase hardness;

    Post-processing: vacuum heat treatment, azotizing;

    Die life: P20 normal use of not less than 300,000 beer times, S136 normal use up to 1 million beer times.

    Mold acceptance and delivery:

    According to the agreed delivery date;

    The mold size determined by the customer;

    Customer confirmed technical process plan;

    Mold design drawings and electronic documents;

    According to customer requirements, debugging until achieve to product assembly qualified, can be formally produced;

    Surface of testing sample without any defects such as deformation, shrinkage, or injection hole affecting the vision, and pass the optical test standards specified by the customer.



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